As you learn English, your greatest need might be practicing your language, so that your book-language becomes a living-language.  MyUnlimitedEnglish.com gives you the place you need to practice.

Four skills in language usage are: 1-reading, 2-listening, 3-writing and 4-speaking. Reading and listening are passive abilities, you receive language through these.  Writing and speaking are active abilities, you produce language through these.

Read Write Listen Speak

At MyUnlimitedEnglish.com, you can read and listen at length.  There are many free – but valuable – resources for these activities. Learn more about the free resource here.  I encourage you to comment on any of the posts or on others’ comments and become part of this English-speaking community, all for free.

Become a member and unlock pages where you can speak, write and learn from Julie directly and other members.  Schedule small-group chat time with Julie in English, get input from her into your writing and ask her your questions. Learn more about membership here.

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