PLAN to Have a Conversation

Do you live in a community where English is the majority language? Well, before you go out, think of a topic.  Plan an opening sentence or question. Guess what the other person might say.  Then follow up with a secondary statement or question. Here are several examples:

Scenario #1

You: It certainly has been hot lately.

Other Person: Yes, it has been.  It’s good that we are in the air conditioning.

You: Do you know that temperatures this year have been somewhat higher on average than in the last ten years? (Be ready to theorize why temperatures may be trending higher.)

Scenario #2 – 

You: That is a beautiful color shirt!

Other Person: Thanks, it’s one of my favorites.

You: Where do you shop? Where did you find such a nice shirt?

Scenario #3 – 

You: This line is moving slower than I would expect.

Other Person: Yes it is, and I am going to be late back to work.

You: Do you know if it is normally this slow? Why do you suppose it is taking extra time today?

 If you plan ahead, you are likely to gain courage to speak in English in public and you may make a friend.

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I understand that language acquisition is a process. Once a person has learned the first few words of the language, they are on their way! Whether the next step is talking about ordering food in a restaurant or launching a rocket into space, I am available to help with the English. My passion in my teaching is to applaud the acquired language, to build further understanding and to practice next steps. I look forward to helping you in your next steps.

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