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There are lots of resources available here free for you to learn and practice your English. With a membership, you are able to speak with a native speaker, get feedback for your written English and receive answers to your questions about the language.

        Free       With Membership
Read and test yourself with these grammar points         ✔           ✔
Leave your suggested topic in comments         ✔           ✔
Improve listening with short videos and text         ✔           ✔
Receive inspiration to speak         ✔           ✔
Chat with Julie and small group on a topic of the week          –           ✔
Write paragraph (up to 250 words) and receive feedback          –          ✔
Your questions receive answers         –          ✔


With membership, you will have a choice of joining a chat video session on a stated topic. Chat sessions are led by Julie and will include up to five members.  Suggest a topic and you may find it the topic of the session in the future.  A variety of chat session topics (personal, business, academics, test-preparation, etc.) will be scheduled according to demand.

Write and submit a paragraph (up to 250 words) in English on a writing prompt suggested weekly or on a topic of your choice. Receive feedback on clarity, grammar and style from Julie.

Ask a question and receive an answer from a native speaker.  Your might have questions on English usage, rules or comprehension. You might be studying for an English test and have a question why one answer is better than another. Perhaps you are writing an essay, and need help organizing/outlining your response.  Or you might be living in the United States or an American community abroad and wonder what is suitable in a certain situation.  Receive an answer for your question.

Cost of Membership

               Price With Automatic Renewal
4 interactions* monthly                  $30                  $28
8 interactions* monthly                  $55                  $52
12 interactions* monthly                  $85                  $80

* An interaction is one chat session, one submitted paragraph or one question. You are able to chose how to interact.  Perhaps you need practice speaking, so you might choose 8 chat sessions. Or you have specific questions about what was talked about. You might choose 6 chat sessions and 2 questions.  Today you simply decide how many interactions you would like. Over the month, you can decide what type of interaction to use. Take the step today toward fluency.

Today begins your path to fluency!  Click here!



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