Count and Non-Count Nouns

Count Nouns:  Things or people that you can count. In a question, use “how many.”

Example nouns: cars, people, books, friends.

Example question: How many books do you have?

Non-Count Nouns:  Things you cannot count. In a question, use “how much.”

Example nouns: water, tea, air, love.

Example question How much love do you have for your child?

Test your knowledge here.


In the kitchen, there are many items that are non-count nouns.  Often a more specific noun will be a count noun and might be easier to use.  Here are some examples.

Non-Count            Count

meat                       steaks/ribs/cutlets

chicken                  chicken breasts/thighs/legs/wings

fish                          fish filet/steak

bread                      rolls/biscuits

fruit                         bananas/oranges/peaches


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