Free Resources

There are a number of free resources here for you to use.

On the listening page, you can practice listening to English by listening to a short video. The video’s text is provided to help you understand easily. You can challenge yourself by transcribing (writing the video word by word) and then comparing your transcription to the text. Both ways help stretch your English knowledge and understanding.

On the learn page, you can read grammar points and often there is a quiz to test your understanding.  On the Practice page, receive a few tips and encouragements to use your English.

Of course, you can practice reading English on every page. I hope you will practice writing by commenting on any of my pages.

You can choose to become a member, which will unlock more opportunities to practice. There is 1) a weekly chat session, 2) a weekly writing tip which receives my input and 3) an opportunity for you to ask me your questions. Each opportunity is a valuable way to increase your English ability. Click this link to learn more about membership .

I look forward to hearing from you.




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