Free Resources

There are a lot of free resources here for you to use.

Listen to real English here. Each page in this section is linked to a short English YouTube video and the text is provided below the video link. You can work on the whole video or take just a small part of it.

Listen to the video and read the text, or challenge yourself by transcribing (writing the video word by word) and then comparing your transcription to the text. Both ways help stretch your English knowledge and understanding.

On the learn page, you can find grammar points and some tools and inspiration to help you take the next step in your language.

Read English on every page, of course. The Welcome and Speak pages offer a translation option for your convenience.

Write English by commenting on any page. I enjoy receiving your comments and will post any comment I feel others will enjoy reading too. You can write to me here.

Speak English when you purchase a chat or personalized session. Speaking your second language is the most effective way to test yourself and improve your language. See the benefits here.

I look forward to sharing these pages with you. Be sure to write and let me know what you think of


Published by myunlimitedenglish

I understand that language acquisition is a process. Once a person has learned the first few words of the language, they are on their way! Whether the next step is talking about ordering food in a restaurant or launching a rocket into space, I am available to help with the English. My passion in my teaching is to applaud the acquired language, to build further understanding and to practice next steps. I look forward to helping you in your next steps.

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