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Mother Discovers Old Photos of Future Son-in-Law


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Facts Verse presents: Mother discovers photos of her future son-in-law, and it sends shivers down her spine.

Most people who are in love tell people that they were destined to be together. This is something that they say. Many couples say that it was fate that they met. Again, it’s something else that they say. For some couples, though, these things end up being true.

This is the story of when a mother discovered an old photo of a future son-in-law, and it sends chills down her spine.

Heidi Parker and Ed Savage started dating after meeting at Newcastle University in 2011. Ed was a Psychology and Business major. And Heidi was studying Economics and Management. The couple didn’t meet in a classroom though. They actually had a cute story of how they met.

Ed recently moved into a student house that Heidi once lived in. He was trying to use the dryer to dry his laundry and he couldn’t figure out how to use it. He saw Heidi’s name on a community board, so he sent her a message asking for her help. When she showed up she showed him how to use the dryer, and then he asked her out.

The couple believed that they’d be together forever, so after four years of dating, they decided their families ought to meet. At the family dinner, Fiona, Ed’s mother and Kay, Heidi’s mother, found they had a lot of things in common. For instance, they both loved sailing vacations.

Kay began telling stories of her favorite family vacations. And that led her to tell the group about their vacation to Gumbet, Turkey. She told them that Heidi was just six years old at the time and that she had a “boyfriend.” Well, for the whole two weeks that they were on the trip the kids were inseparable.  Kay remembered that the little boy’s name was Ed, and everybody couldn’t believe it.

Well, as soon as she mentioned it, Kay had a very strange feeling. She was sure there was something more to her story. She just couldn’t remember. Well, two weeks had passed since the dinner, and Kay decided it’d be a great time to clean out her attic. She needed some space for storage. So, she decided to go through her old memory boxes.

In one of those boxes was an old, dusty photo album. It was labeled “Family Vacations.” Kay opened up the book and found the pictures from the family vacation to Gumbet in July of 1997.

Finally, Kay realized that she had a reason to feel so unsettled. In one of those pictures, she found a picture of six-year-old Heidi and her little boyfriend. He had a blonde bowl cut (note: A bowl cut is a type of haircut that looks like hair was cut with a bowl over the head as a guide.) and a cute smile. Although the boy was young, she knew exactly who that little boy was. Kay was absolutely sure that little boy in the photo was Ed, her daughter’s current fiancé, her future son-in-law.

When Kay sent the picture to Fiona she couldn’t believe her eyes. She found a few other photos of the kids, and she sent them too. Fiona knew right away that the boy was her son. When they sent the photos to other family members, including Heidi and Ed, nobody could believe their eyes.

This couple who had met in college and were planning to get married actually met when they were only six years old. They were into each other even back then, and they spent their entire family vacation together.

The couple believes that if there is anyone in the world who’s destined to be together, it is them. The universe brought them together when they were just little kids. Since it was fate that they would be together forever, fate brought them together again in college.

Heidi and Ed already were engaged to be married when they found out about the photo. That wasn’t what pushed them to get married, but it did instill their belief that they were destined to get married and destined to stay together.

The couple gathered with their families and friends at a manor house in Derbyshire, and that is where they married. Hundreds of guests attended the ceremony, the reception and a pool party the next day.

Since they met at that first family dinner, Heidi’s parents and Ed’s parents became great friends. They’re so close that now they even go on family vacations together. All of Ed’s siblings are close to all of Heidi’s. The whole family believes that it was destiny that they all found each other.


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