Video – Dublin Daycare Child Left on Bus


  1. Watch video.
  2. Then read text below it.
  3. Listen and read at the same time. Repeat.
  4. Watch video again without text.

Note: This daycare is The Learning Experience in Dublin. Source: TLE facebook reviews.

Video here.

News at Six. Three mothers have become heroes for a little boy.

…told us that for every second, for an hour, he was trying to get his seatbelt off.

Well, they say it was a complete fluke (It was chance.) They were in the right spot in the right time. 10TV’s Shelby Croft(?) shows us how their quick thinking might have saved this child’s life.

I’m sorry.

Tuesday was an emotional day for these three women, all moms.

I have an almost 2-year-old.

Okay, let’s go.

They’re also all co-workers at a nursing home.

We’re caregivers. It’s almost like it’s a spidy (like spiderman) sense almost. It never turns off.

That’s obvious by this story. It started with a lunch outing to nearby Fitzy’s Diner.

We never go there. It was just all sort of like a strange fluke, and it really… It felt like it was really meant to happen, you know.

They pulled in the (parking) lot and then moved spots, right next to a daycare bus.

Windows up, doors shut, darkened/tinted windows.

But one of the women saw something inside.

When I looked onto the bus, I just saw, like, the shadows of him.

She realized it was a child.

I was, like, no, there’s… no way.

No, that’s impossible, because it was empty otherwise.

But it was possible. The bus was thankfully unlocked. The women rushed to get the little boy out.

And he was still buckled in his car seat.

So, I went to pick him up and know.. he was soaked. I mean he was drenched. So hot he could barely talk.

The women learned his daycare was at an outing in the nearby movie theater. They’re told he was in the bus for about an hour.

I mean, I couldn’t imagine how scared he was.

He told us that for every second for an hour he was trying to get his seatbelt off.

These women are responsible for others’ safety as well. They often take their residents on outings and can’t believe this happened.

I mean we go through this same procedure, you know, you do your counts (count how many people are with you), you always double check, like…

Always make sure no one is left on the bus.

Like they did this day as they went back to Fitzy’s. The restaurant they never go to is now a favorite.  Employees let the group bring the child in and helped care for him after the incident until he was reunited with his mother and given the “all clear” by EMS (Emergency Medical Service).

It was really, really emotional.

These women are just grateful they were in an unlikely place at the right time. In north Columbus, Shelby Croft, 10TV news.

We were unable to reach the daycare for comment on this story. Two of the workers are charged (legally acused) with child endangerment and neglect.





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