Tabletop Holiday Décor


  1. Watch video.
  2. Then read text below it.
  3. Listen and read at the same time. Repeat.
  4. Watch video again without text.

Do you need some fresh ideas for holiday decorating? This little scene for a tabletop or a mantel* is charming and very easy to make. And when the lights are dimmed, you’ll have a surprise.

I’m using my microlights. These are sold exclusively at the Home Depot. They are battery-operated, which makes projects like this very pretty, snowy scene very, very beautiful. And I am using “frosted traditions – church” ornaments from my collection at the Home Depot. The churches come in packs of six, like this – colorful and beautiful. And the little lights have a battery pack. And when you flip the switch you can get them on steady, you can get them on flashing, or you can get them on fading.  All very, very nice.

Now we want to insert this into the bottom of this beautiful glass. And the way we do this is to affix the battery pack close to the bottom of a glass like this. And then just wrap the LED lights around and around. I’m leaving them on so that you can see what I’m doing. But you don’t have to have them on at this point. And at the very end, you can just tape with a piece of scotch tape to the glass. So far, easy.

Now switch this off. Insert this glass right down into the bottom of your apothecary* jar and pour in the salt. Instead of using artificial snow, I’m just using salt, which I want to fill just to cover the top of the glass. I want to be able to reach down and turn on my battery pack. I found the switch. And put your little ornament right on top in the snow. You can insert very simply a couple of pieces of evergreen and cover with your top. And you have a very pretty, snowy scene.

Now a pair of these on a table would be very beautiful, or on a mantelpiece. Easy and fun and very festive. An excellent way to decorate.


·      Mantel (piece) – shelf over a fireplace

·      Apothecary – old-fashioned word for pharmacist. Jars shaped like this were used in apothecary shops.

·      Please excuse the advertisement for Martha Stewart products.

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