Franklin Park Conservatory


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It is the only botanical garden in the world to own a signature collection from the internationally-acclaimed glass artist, Dale Chihully. And it is located just minutes from downtown Columbus, Ohio. Experience the Franklin Park Conservatory.

From the moment you walk through the doors, you’ll know that you’ve entered a special place. One where nature is allowed to take it’s course, where works of art grace the walls, and where the endless quest for knowledge focuses on nature’s beauty.

Expansive glass houses adorn 90 acres of awe-inspiring design, whose backdrop has played host to many weddings and special events.

During the warmer months, the outdoor gardens feature plants from all around the world, offering a peaceful setting that opens itself to the public for relaxing outdoor dining.

Carefully crafted stone paths lead between the varying types of gardens to classrooms, fountains, and even carefully kept beehives. Indoor gardens that prominently display ecosystems from around the globe include tropical rain forests with shimmering waterfalls and breath-taking glass art by Chihully woven carefully into the midst of the exhibits.

Pause for a moment to feed the fish.  But don’t linger too long, as there’s much more to see here. Hike into the Himalayan mountains where you’ll walk through caves, across bridges, and try your hand at communicating with birds. The desert is your next stop. And here you’ll find cacti, rock formations and a variety of other plants that survive in this environment.

Chihully is everywhere, woven seamlessly into the framework of the entire conservatory. Works of art appear above your head, outdoors in the sand, and even in the midst of ponds.

Live demonstrations of glass-blowing are offered on occasion and teach the art of an age-old craft that only a select few have mastered.

The Franklin Park Conservatory is an adventure for the mind and can take you down one of many paths. Perhaps you’re here to see the wonders of Chihully or to glimpse nature’s beauty in the midst of a bustling city.

Whatever your reasons for visiting, you leave with a relaxed sense of peace and armed with the knowledge to conserve our planet for generations to come.

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