Easter Egg Dying

Today I’m going to show you some of the best egg dying tips brought to you by PAAS.

So, you can start with any PAAS kit. We use color cups here, because they are so convenient.

So, to create your dye solution you’re going to take one PAAS dye tablet, add it to your color cup, and then add one tablespoon of vinegar.

Another important tip to remember is with the pink dye tablet to only use water. It’s not quite as vibrant using vinegar.

So, now that all of our tablets have dissolved, add one half cup of water to each cup.

Now I’m ready to dye the eggs. So just take one egg. I actually find that it can be kind of easier to use a warm egg, not hot – you want to be able to hold it – and then gently drop it into the color.

You can take your egg dipper in any PAAS kit, bend it and kind of move the egg around in the color bath, so it gets a nice, even color. The longer you let the egg sit in the dye bath, the darker the color will be. Once the eggs have achieved their desired shade, go ahead and take them out of the color bath.

Gently place them onto a drying rack like what we have here and just let them dry. I place a paper towel underneath it just to protect from any spills.

And there you go! To make sure your eggs dry nice and even, pick it up as it’s drying and just dab the excess dye that’s pulled to the bottom.

And now you have perfectly dyed eggs with PAAS.

Note: You can substitute food-grade coloring for the dye tablets.

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