Whether speaking or writing use three steps to communicate effectively. 

  1. Introduction: Introduce the circumstances of the story. Who is your audience - the person listening to or reading your communication? What do they need to understand, so they will be ready to receive your information.
    1. Where or when is it?
    2. What special circumstances are there?
  2. Details: Add your details. 
    1. This should be the biggest part of your communication. 
    2. This is the details
  3. Conclusion: Summarize or Conclude
    1. What is the interesting or important point?
    2. Why did you communicate this information?
    3. What do you want the audience to learn or remember?

Samples (Introduction in green; Details in blue; Conclusion in black): 

Office Communication: 

Through the pandemic our sales statistics have suffered. You have sacrificed and doubled your efforts to reach our current goals. I'm happy to announce that we have exceeded our goals this month. If we continue this trend over the next six months, our end-of-year bonus will reflect our hard work. Keep up the good work!



When I was a kid living in the United States my siblings and I often played in our back yard. One of our favorite things to do was to dig a hole as deep as we could.  Sometimes we would dig a hole so that we were deep into the ground.  We always said we were digging to China. When I was an adult I lived in South Korea for a while and wondered where Korean kids might dig a hole to, America?


Write an announcement  or story using the outline above.

Share it on one of our forums and ask for others' feedback.