Linking verbs are verbs that link the sentence's subject to information about that subject.


  • Susie is ten years old.
  • Everything seems okay.
  • I feel happy.
  • My son is turning six years old this year.
  • Bob became a surgeon after years of study.
Common Linking Verbs
be appear
seem feel
taste sound
turn remain
grow become


Notice: Some linking verbs can also be active verbs.


  • tasted the dessert. (active)
  • The dessert tastes too sweet.(linking)
  • felt the fabric and it felt soft. (first verb-active; second verb-linking)
  • grew beans in my garden, and one plant grew especially tall.  (first verb-active; second verb-linking)


one hundred this November too small for so many people
happy to be alive wise over the years

tense when the man said he wasn't satisfied with the service


Practice: Choose words/phrases from the box to complete the sentences.

  1. The accident victim appeared _______________, but the ambulance took him to the hospital for observation.
  2. The pie seems _________________________________________________________________.
  3. After her accident, my sister is ____________________________________________________.
  4. My friend’s adult son has grown ___________________________________________________.
  5. Her grandfather will turn _________________________________________________________.
  6. The atmosphere became _________________________________________________________.





  1. The accident victim appeared okay, but the ambulance took him to the hospital for observation.
  2. The pie seems too small for so many people.
  3. After her accident, my sister is happy to be alive.
  4. My friend's adult son has grown wise over the years.
  5. Her grandfather will turn one hundred this November.
  6. The atmosphere became tense when the man said he wasn't satisfied with the service.