Present Tense             I go to school on Thursdays.                        Verb Form:      go, went, gone


Past Tense                  I went to school last Thursday.                      Base Verb:      go


Future Tense              I will go to school next Thursday.




  1. Make sentences about your routine on Thurdays. Use the phrases in the box below or other phrases.
  2. Change the sentence into past and future tenses.
go to school watch a movie take a shower
eat breakfast play a game with someone wake up at 7am
wear jeans play tennis study English
have dessert exercise go to bed at 11pm



Verb Forms: 

Eat, ate, eaten                                    Take, took, taken

Go, went, gone                                   Wake, woke, woken

Have, had, had                                   Wear, wore, worn

Play, played, played                           Watch, watched, watched

Study, studied, studied



Sample Answers: 

On Thursdays, I go to school.                      I eat fried chicken on Thursdays.

Last Thursday, I went to school.                  I ate fried chicken last Thursday.

Next Thursday, I will go to school.              I will eat fried chicken next Thursday.