Newest Feature – Try it while it is still small!

Let’s chat together in a small group. A group will be 3-4 people plus a moderator. 

Small group chat sessions are the first and third Fridays at 12:10pm (Eastern Standard Time) and 9:00pm (EST). See below: 1) schedule of upcoming chat sessions, 2) table of world times .

What will we talk about?

Each person brings a topic. And the moderator will choose one or two of your topics (depending on time) to discuss.

The topic should follow this pattern. 1-3 sentences about the topic followed by a question we can discuss.  Here are several examples:

I like to talk to people in English, but when I do, they answer me in my language. How might I continue in English in such a situation?

I enjoy cooking many types of food. Does anyone else like to cook? What foods and why those foods?

Sometimes I see people who might speak English who seem to be trying to find their way. This might be on the street or in the train station.  What vocabulary do I need to help them find their way?

I have a three-year-old and am trying to decide whether to send him to preschool this year. What are your thoughts about education in the early years?

I have a teenager and she has decided she knows everything about life. Sometimes I fear for her safety. What tips can others give me to help me guide her?

Session Format:

After greetings, each person will be given two minutes to present their topic. The moderator will decide which topic will be discussed and the last half of the session will be used to discuss the chosen topic.  There may be time for a second topic to be discussed.

Please don’t necessarily expect that your topic will be discussed. Instead expect to have an interesting discussion with other people in English.  Enjoy getting to know others in this online English community.


Prepare your topic in writing, so that it is well-organized and easy-to-present.


First and third Fridays at 12:10pm (Eastern Standard Time) and 9:00pm (EST). See table below for upcoming chat sessions.

How to Schedule:

Send a comment below requesting a date and time.  Request only one date at a time. Sessions are likely to fill up quickly, and opportunity for many in this English-language community is the goal. Julie will respond with session availability and instructions for payment.  Cost is $7 per half hour chat session (3-4 people plus the moderator).


Inappropriate, aggressive or vulgar language or communication is unacceptable. MyUnlimitedEnglish reserves the right to remove the person exhibiting such language or communication from the chat session.  No refund will be issued if a person is removed by the moderator. The session moderator’s judgment of what is inappropriate, aggressive or vulgar is final.


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Time Zones
(Relative to EST*)
CityEST +/-
April 1912:10pmLos Angeles
April 199:00pmDenver EST-2
May 312:10pmChicago EST-1
May 39:00pmNew York City EST
May 1712:10pmCordoba EST+2
May 179:00pmRio de JaneiroEST+3
Berlin EST+6
Frankfurt EST+6
Madrid EST+6
Warsaw EST+6
Beirut EST+7
Cairo EST+7
Cape Town EST+7
Tallinn EST+7
Moscow EST+8
St PetersburgEST+8
Tehran EST+8
Delhi EST+10 1/2
Naypyidaw EST+11 1/2
Bangkok EST+12
Ho Chi Minh City EST+12
Phnom Penh EST+12
Beijing EST+13
Seoul EST+14

*EST = Eastern Standard Time (Chat sessions are scheduled in EST.)