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Talking is perhaps the best way to practice your English. Lots of things happen when you talk. You pull vocabulary into your active memory. You apply grammar that you know. You hear how your English sounds. You see if the person listening to you understands. Your statements receive replies, and you listen to a response in living English.

So much is accomplished with a little activity! It is time well spent.


Below are options for personalized speaking sessions:

  • Chat:
    • This time can be used for chatting on a topic of your choosing, or a topic suggested by Julie. Talk about the weather, parenting, career advancement or goal setting. The choice of topic is almost unlimited.
  • Learn/Practice:
    • You might simply want to talk to a native speaker. This is the place! You choose a topic, or I will suggest one. You can choose to receive some limited feedback to your spoken English, or we can talk without any feedback. I love these sessions! I enjoy getting to know you in such a session.
    • You could choose to learn a specific grammar or usage point. “How do you say….?” “What do you say when….?” These are the type of questions answered in this type of session. Our time together would include a short grammar or usage presentation and practice using the acquired knowledge. There would be plenty of time for speaking and asking questions.

How to Schedule:

Send a comment below requesting a date and time.  Julie will respond with session availability and instructions for payment. 

  • Chat Session: The cost for a one-half hour session (25 contact minutes) is $28. This can be a one-on-one chat session, or you can invite a few friends and share the cost. No more than four participants (plus the moderator) should use one session.
  • Learn/Practice Session: The cost for a personalized session is $35 for a one-hour (55 contact minute) session.


Inappropriate, aggressive or vulgar language or communication is unacceptable. MyUnlimitedEnglish.com reserves the right to remove the person exhibiting such language or communication from the session.  No refund will be issued if a person is removed by the moderator. The session moderator’s judgment of what is inappropriate, aggressive or vulgar is final.


Sign up today! Send me a request in the comment block below. Take the next step in improving your English ability!

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