With membership, you can submit your writing and receive feedback from Julie.  A new writing prompt will be provided weekly*.  This prompt will come as an exploration of related words.  Here is an example of a prompt and two sample texts at varying English levels.

Make – made – have made: to create or construct something such as a meal or a craft.

Maker – one who makes something. God is referred to as our Maker, the one who made us.

Handmade – adjective describing a craft made by an individual.

Make up – settling a fight between two friends.

Make & Model of car – Make is the car company.  Model is the car style.  For example, Toyota (make) Camry (model).

Make-believe – Pretending to be someone or do something (imagining) as a game.

Two Examples

Have made: I have made this website over the last six weeks.  How do you like it?

It began as an extension of my tutoring adults locally. I would share English and life with internationals in central Ohio, and then they would return home to their countries.  This is one thing that drew my heart to overseas.

This website is the outcome of the desire of my heart to go with my students. In any event, my goal in this site is to provide a “local” place where people can share life in English, but never need to return home. In short, I hope we become neighbors in this on-line community.

Make-believe: I never liked to play make-believe growing up, but today my granddaughter plays it all the time.  She pretends to serve tea or feed the baby or other things.  I find, as a grandmother, that I really enjoy it with her.  This is the mystery of grandparenthood…such joy comes with this special relationship.

*The writing prompt is provided as a resource. Writing on a different topic is allowed.

Note: Membership plans are not being offered yet.  Learn more about membership here.


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