Video – Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater


  1. Click on link below or copy it into your browser and find video.
  2. Watch video.
  3. Read text below.
  4. Listen and read. Repeat.
  5. Watch video again without text.

Fallingwater has been called Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece or organic architecture. And I think there are a variety of reasons why. Certainly, one of them is that it, perhaps better than any of his other buildings speaks to something deep within us that longs for simplicity, unity, all of those things we find in nature and respond to so well.

In 1938 when the building first took shape, and publicity started to be generated around it, it appears on the cover of Time Magazine. And it’s very obvious that the public is captivated by the building. I don’t think they had seen anything quite like it. It was daring. It was dramatic, all those things which capture our imagination.

Today, Fallingwater is memorable, considered significant as a great landmark in architectural design around the world. It represents a great architect working at the height of his design powers. And thus, is significant as an object in its own right. Or, for even people who don’t think about career of Frank Lloyd Wright or that this is a masterwork of a particular time, the building is meaningful and powerful as, again, experience of Wright’s organic architecture of where there is a remarkable continuity, of all the factors that go in the making and experience of a building, continuity of space, continuity of materials, continuity of connection to the site, the sense, profound sense of being somewhere. These are qualities that students of architecture today, architects, just general members of the public experience and leave the house with a sort of awareness of potential for good design.

A masterpiece is something that has a timelessness about it, and I think Fallingwater is doing well over the test of time. People continue to be interested in it. A wide array of people who are interested in it. A masterpiece is something that you continue to learn from, and we do continue to learn from Fallingwaters.

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