Late Night Escape

A Toddler’s Late Night Escape


  1. Watch video.
  2. Then read text below it.
  3. Listen and read at the same time. Repeat.
  4. Watch video again without text.

Now with the great escape, Chloe, the toddler busting out of her room at night. Her parents wondering how she did it. And then they looked at their babycam. Diane Mercede was her with what they found out. Hey, Diane.

Good morning. So, how does a toddler who can’t reach the door knob bust out of her room?

Well, after some careful investigating, Chloe’s parents found their daughter had not one, but two accomplices, and these suspects are familiar faces.

It was an unsolved mystery. How did 15-month-old Chloe, unable to reach the handle of her bedroom door wind up wandering the halls of her Phoenix-area home?

Chloe’s parents/detectives (parents slash detectives) did what any tech-savvy couple would do. They turned to the babycam. Turns out Chloe had some help. The culprits: their family’s canine co-conspirators.

Watch again, as Nina and Chris Cardinal’s two golden retrievers bust into Chloe’s room, wake her up, and after some licks of love, make a break for it with baby Chloe right behind them.

The dogs, Blue and Colby, are stars in their own right, known on social media as the cheese puffs.

Do you want some food?

This video of them racing to dinner has nearly 14 million views.

Dad Chris tells us Colby learned how to open door handles nearly three years ago, and that he and his brother might have had ulterior motives for setting Chloe free, saying lately she’s been dropping food for them from their bin. So they figured she must be good to help feed them breakfast.

Some smart dogs there. Now, mom Nina tells us there was no evidence that Chloe actually fed the dogs, but then again, dogs always eat every crumb. And also, clearly after watching this, they’re experts. So, you know, they’re experts, so they would never leave any evidence behind. That is a rooky move.

But, what smart dogs, like you said. Smart, and they look like they were having fun. She woke up with a smile on her face.

Absolutely, well her and the dogs I think.

Yeah, but did she go back to sleep? That’s what the parents needed to know, right?

They said as soon as they woke up, the first thing she did…she then demanded that they feed her and get her breakfast.

But if you watch the video carefully, the dogs…one of the dogs actually takes her stuffed animal. It’s almost like they’re bating her out of the room. And then look at the giant stuffed animal on the left. She uses it as a crash pad.

Yes, she knocks it over.

Yes, sort of toddle off the bed. It really seems like the perfectly executed plan.

And the parents say they are moving houses soon, and they do not have door handles in that house, they have door knobs. So, this way the dogs won’t be able to open the door.

So, the dogs did not get fed right after that?

Well, they cleaned up the evidence. It seems to be the bigger indication.

Alright, Diane, thank you so much.

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